Kitchen Consigliere Cafe opens Tomorrow

Philly’s very own Kitchen Consigliere, Angelo Lutz presents The Kitchen Consigliere Café!

Come enjoy old Italian style dishes, known today as Italian comfort food, as executive chef Angelo Lutz preserves the heritage of real, authentic home-style cooking.

The Kitchen Consigliere Café is an informal BYOB Italian eatery where the emphasis is on the traditional home-style Italian cooking, often referred to as peasant dishes.

Influenced by the dishes he ate growing up, Angelo’s cooking style steams from teachings and recipes from his mother and grandmother.

With an atmosphere as informal as the changing food and menus, The Kitchen Consigliere Café is a cozy, quaint and not over-the-top eatery for the entire family.

And good food isn’t the only reason to eat at the café. The real adventure is meeting and talking with Angelo Lutz. At The Kitchen Consigliere Café you’ll come for the food, but stay for the conversation.


About Angelo Lutz

Angelo Lutz said it best when he took the witness stand in his own defense during a racketeering trial back in the summer of 2001. “I’m a cook, not a crook,” he said. While the jury and the judge thought otherwise, Angelo is now back in South Philadelphia embarking on a new career and putting that other business behind him. Everything that Angelo Jenaro Lutz has learned, everything that he has done, has become part of his personal recipe for life. And out of that he’s created The Kitchen Consigliere.
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