On Fox29 This Morning

Jennaphr Frederick and her video crew stopped by The Kitchen Consigliere Cafe this morning from 7am to 10am for a sneak peek at what’s cooking! Watch the video interview below or on MyFoxPhilly.com. Open day is today. Stop by for some home-style Italian cooking!



About Angelo Lutz

Angelo Lutz said it best when he took the witness stand in his own defense during a racketeering trial back in the summer of 2001. “I’m a cook, not a crook,” he said. While the jury and the judge thought otherwise, Angelo is now back in South Philadelphia embarking on a new career and putting that other business behind him. Everything that Angelo Jenaro Lutz has learned, everything that he has done, has become part of his personal recipe for life. And out of that he’s created The Kitchen Consigliere.
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1 Response to On Fox29 This Morning

  1. Elisa Iacona-Turdo says:

    Angelo and Crew,

    My niece Christa and I truly enjoyed the dinner we shared at your restaurant tonight. We sat and talked for hours enjoying the company and your fabulous food!!! We knew it was going to be great when the people who were leaving, held the door for us to come in and said, “great food, enjoy yourself”. We looked at each other and knew it was going to be a great experience. We both said everyone in the place looked familiar and sure enough, she knew a couple seated nearby and I recognized my (2nd) cousins in the back sitting and enjoying a conversation with you. Your friendly comfortable atmosphere was very welcoming from the very start. Thank you for taking the time to sit and chat with us. Within another couple of hours I am sure we could have connected the 6 degrees of separation. We wish you success and prosperity in this venture. You will do great things!!! Thank you for your hospitality, it was so appreciated.


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